Adult Fitness Program

Designed to start at your current fitness level, Lean X allows you to work with a trainer to set your own personalized fitness goals and reach them faster than you ever thought possible. If you’re ready for results, we’re ready for you.

  • We’ll write the program for your goals and around any injuries/ailments.
  • Fully customized Lean X program is designed to start at your current fitness level
  • Unlike “group classes” you won’t be put into a room with 30 people doing the exact same thing and hope you can keep up. You’ll work with a trainer and get a full REAL training program!

Synergy is supportive, inviting, and comforting. Although there are many reasons why I continue to be a member of Synergy, one adjective that stands out the most is welcoming.” -Diana M.

Synergy is a place where people of all ages and abilities come together to reach their health and fitness goals in a supportive, encouraging and friendly environment!” – Pauline S.

The overall atmosphere in Synergy  is fantastic. great positive energy, very knowledgeable and helpful trainers, it’s actually fun to workout” – Chris C.

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Athlete Development Program

Training athletes was our foundation, and today it’s one of our greatest strengths. With a thorough ‘Synergy Needs Analysis’ to start you off right, this program builds muscle strength and enhances speed so you’ll be ready before any competition.

  • Our athletes won state titles, become all stars, earned college scholarships, are accomplishing their dreams every season.
  • Commercial and high school gyms typically have unsupervised, unorganized, and unsafe training for young athletes. We’ll teach them the proper form and make sure they are reaching their goals.
  • Have a specific goal? Call (607)725-7297 and we’ll help you accomplish it faster than you ever imagined.

“Thanks to the positive and comfortable, yet challenging, atmosphere at Synergy I recommend Synergy quite a bit to friends and co-workers.” – Chris A.

“I never feel like I am alone. All the members are so supportive of each other and friendly.” – Jewel C.

“My whole lifestyle has changed (diet,energy levels, work priorities), I’m watching my kids grow up and now have the ability to take part in their lives.” – Matt M.

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